Malabar Trogon – Harpactes fasciatus

Malabar Trogon is a beautiful rare bird found in forests only. It belongs to the family Trogonidae.

Malabar Trogon - FemaleMalabar Trogon – Female (above and below) from Thattekad, Kerala, 29.10.2014

Malabar Trogon - Female

Malabar Trogon - MaleMale – Thattekad, Kerala, 29.10.2014

The male bird was high up on a tree branch, hope to get a better photo of it.

It is an endemic species found in India and Sri Lanka. Males have black head and neck. Bills are blue and there is a blue ring around eyes. There is a white ring around the neck. Upper side has a yellowish shade. Wings have black and white linings. Tail and underparts are bright red in color. There are three pairs of white feathers on the tail when looked from underside. Females are primarily yellowish brown.

Family: Trogonidae

Species: Harpactes fasciatus

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