Birds of India by Bikram Grewal – A Pictorial Field Guide [Book Review]

Cover page - A Pictorial Field Guide to Birds of India by Bikram Grewal

Whether it be a birdwatcher or bird photographer, a field guide is a must for anyone exploring the birds of India. The book – “A Pictorial Field Guide to Birds of India” – can be a good asset if you are looking for one.

This article reviews the first edition of the book released in 2016. The authors of this book are among the eminent birders and ornithologists of India. [Continue reading…] “Birds of India by Bikram Grewal – A Pictorial Field Guide [Book Review]”

How to Photograph Sunbird in Flight

How to photograph Sunbird in Flight - Loten's Sunbird

Sunbirds are small and fast-moving birds. So photographing them is a challenge. But it is not that hard either. With proper techniques and planning, you can make amazing Sunbird photos. This article is a step-by-step guide about how to photograph a Sunbird in flight. These are the ways I followed to get the photos below. Also, note that this is about how to make use of the natural light without using flashes. After all, it is fun photographing these little beauties. [Continue reading…] “How to Photograph Sunbird in Flight”

Periyar Nature Walk and Birding – Thekkady

Semi Evergreen Forests Periyar

Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady, Kerala is one of the main places where ecotourism activities are actively conducted. This article is mainly about the short treks and birding opportunities in the national park.

There are different routes available for nature walks – with different names – like Green Walk, Nature Walk etc. These are good options for day visitors. I found this as a good opportunity to watch many of the birds and butterflies of the park. There are also full day treks for those who wish to explore more areas. [Continue reading…] “Periyar Nature Walk and Birding – Thekkady”

Lakshmi Hills Trekking near Munnar

Lakshmi Hills Munnar

When it comes to trekking in Munnar region, the popular option is the trekking to Meesappulimala – the second highest peak in the Sahyadris. But there are also various other beautiful and lesser known paths nearby. Lakshmi Hills is one such choice for trekking. It may not be as high as Meesappulimala in terms of elevation, but the landscape through which the route passes are beautiful, sometimes more than the other hills. Read more about the trekking and watch photos from my trekking to the place. [Continue reading…] “Lakshmi Hills Trekking near Munnar”

Ramakkalmedu – A Breezy Hill Station in Idukki

Ramakkalmedu Kuravan and Kurathi Statue

Ramakkalmedu is a small hill station in Idukki district, Kerala lying close to Tamil Nadu – Kerala border. The place is blessed with the wind blowing almost all the time. From the top of the hills, one can view the towns and vast stretches of the villages of Tamil Nadu. It is a nice place to relax by enjoying the breeze and the beautiful views. I had been there a couple of times. And in fact, I like this place more than even some of the other busy hill stations. [Continue reading…] “Ramakkalmedu – A Breezy Hill Station in Idukki”

Parunthumpara near Kuttikkanam – The Eagle Rock

Parunthumpara is a small hill station between Kuttikkanam and Peermedu in Idukki district of Kerala. The place is famous for a rock which resembles an eagle. In the Malayalam language, ‘parunthu‘ means eagle and ‘para‘ means rock. So that is how the name came. The place is becoming a favorite location for local tourists. [Continue reading…] “Parunthumpara near Kuttikkanam – The Eagle Rock”

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Trekking and Butterfly Watching

Chinnar view point

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary near Marayoor in Idukki is really a paradise for both bird and butterfly watchers. The sanctuary has a different type of ecosystem compared to other forests in Kerala. It consists of grasslands, rocks, dry deciduous and thorns. Since this sanctuary is on the eastern side of the Sahyadri mountains, it receives low annual rainfall. This is the reason behind the different ecosystem.

I had been to Chinnar many times. And I think the place is noteworthy for its diverse butterfly population. Below you can read about the different trekking options at Chinnar. Also, see the photos.
[Continue reading…] “Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Trekking and Butterfly Watching”