Landscape Photography - Munnar Sunrise - Photo by Abhinav R | Photovaliant
Butterfly, macro photography - Photovaliant
Milky Way and Astrophotography - Photovaliant
Bird Photography - Heart-spotted Woodpecker photo by Abhinav R - Photovaliant
Munnar Landscape - Photovaliant
Indian Pitta - Photovaliant
Flying Lizard - Photovaliant
Waterfall Photography - Photovaliant
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Are you a Birder or Trekker?

If you are a birder, we have several articles on our website helpful to you.

If you are planning for a birding or trekking trip to southern India, our destination guides help you in planning your trip. Also, since we think having species knowledge is important, there is a section dedicated to documenting them.

There are also many trekking opportunities in the Sahyadri hills which we are exploring one by one. Trekking in the hills is another way to watch many unique and endemic species of the Western Ghats.

The southern part of India forms a peninsula which supports different types of habitats. Also, the presence of two mountain ranges - the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats - make the area rich in wildlife. Among the two, the Western Ghats is longer and prominent. More than 500 species of birds are found in this mountain range alone. Some of them are endemic, which is seen only in this part of the world. There are various hotspots for birding in this area, which includes both sanctuaries as well as other sites.