Little Cormorant

Little Cormorant is one of the cormorant species found in Kerala. This waterbird can be seen in groups or in single around water bodies. Here are some photos of the bird I have taken…

Little Cormorant

Little Cormorant from Periyar, Thekkady

Flock of Little Cormorants - Periyar

A group of birds, from Periyar, Thekkady

Little Cormorant - Microcarbo niger

From Alappuzha

Little Cormorant Thattekkad

From Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

All photos taken with Sigma 150-500mm APO DG HS OSM mounted on a Nikon D7100.

They can often be found resting with both wings spread.

Its comparatively smaller size and black eyes help to distinguish it from other cormorants like the Indian Cormorant. The latter has greenish blue eyes.

Family: Phalocrocoracidae

Species: Microcarbo niger


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