Greater Crimson Glider – Urothemis signata

Greater Crimson Glider is a skimmer (Libellulidae) which is red in color. It is very common in Kerala and can be seen around streams, ponds and marshes.

Greater Crimson Glider (Male) Greater Crimson Glider photo from Cheruvally, Kerala on 11.10.2014.

Male (above) and Female (below)

Greater Crimson Glider - Female

Male can be easily identified with its black legs, black spots on the abdomen, red eyes and body. Hind wings have red markings at the base. That makes it different from other similar red colored dragonflies like Ruddy Marsh Skimmer, Brown Backed Red Marsh Hawk etc.

Female has yellow thorax and abdomen with black-brown markings. Eyes are brown above and greyish below.

Family: Libellulidae

Species: Urothemis signata

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