Greater Racket Tailed Drongo

Greater Racket Tailed Drongo is one of the most common and interesting bird here. Took this photo from my home yard a few days before.

Greater Racket Tailed Drongo

Photo taken from Cheruvally, Date: 7-12-2013

Exif: f/6.3, 1/160s, ISO 1000, 400mm

At least one drongo can be seen all the time during day time here.The photo was taken from so close, just about 4 meters – the bird was not so much bothered. See how it is used to humans. The long tails, the wide variety of calls it makes and the shining blue – black feathers are its notable features.

The bird belongs to the family of drongos Dicruridae, species name is Dicrurus paradiseus.

Photo will also be added to my portfolio and albums.

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