Pampadum Shola National Park Fog

Pampadum Shola National Park – A Cool and Misty place in Sahyadri

Ever wished to be in the ambiance of a misty green forest? Then Pampadum Shola is such a place to experience it.

About the Park

Although being the smallest National Park in Kerala, Pampadum Shola has some of the rare and endemic flora and fauna of the Sahyadris (Western Ghats). That includes the rare Nilgiri Marten and several other mammals including leopards. Apart from that, exotic bird species like Nilgiri Flycatcher, Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher and Kerala Laughingthrush are found here.

Pampadum Shola National Park Fog

The vegetation is primarily montane evergreen sholas. The topography is hilly with an average height of 5000 feet above sea level. The climate is mostly cool and misty throughout the year.  And the freshness of the air is rejuvenating. The sight of the clouds covering the hills is just beautiful. Meesappulimala, one of the highest peaks in the Sahyadri (Western Ghtas), is just a few kilometers from here.

How to Reach

The National Park is at a distance of 36 kilometers from Munnar, a major hill station and tourist attraction in the Idukki district of Kerala.

From Munnar, take the road leading to Top Station. Mattupetty Dam, Echo Point and Kundala are en route. At Top Station junction, take a sharp left and proceed for about a kilometer. While the road ahead leads to Top Station View Point.

Then we reach at the forest check post, which also has the national park and forest offices nearby. The necessary passes are allotted from here. It is better to inform earlier at the office for trekking or other such activities. While trekking beware of the leeches.

A paved road runs through the park, its one end leads to Vattavada, the smallest village in Kerala. The other end is to Kodaikanal. It once used to be the old Munnar – Kodaikanal route, but currently this portion is not in use.

Walking in this road itself is a great way to watch the birds and butterflies of the park.

The park has affordable facilities for staying, which include huts. It is a good opportunity to experience the Nature and watch the wildlife. Prior booking is needed for staying.

More Photos

Pampadum Shola - Road to Vattavada

The road leading to Vattavada

Top Station Munnar - Pampadum Shola

On the way to Pampadum Shola, near Top Station

Kerala Laughing Thrush - Pampadum shola

Kerala Laughingthrush

White Browed Wagtail from Pampadum Shola

White-browed Wagtail from the park


Ferns found in the Park


Creepers on the trees


The place is a heaven for nature lovers, and can be easily visited from Munnar. Also take care to keep the place clean and preserve it as it is. Respect the Nature.