Nilgiri Flowerpecker - Dicaeum concolor

Nilgiri Flowerpecker – Dicaeum concolor

Nilgiri Flowerpecker is one of the few flowerpecker birds found in Kerala, India. It is mainly found in the Western Ghats mountain range of the Southern India. The other main flowerpeckers found here are the Thick-billed Flowerpecker and Pale-billed flowerpecker.

Nilgiri Flowerpecker - Dicaeum concolor - Birds of Kerala

Photo 1: Exif – f/5.6, 1/100s, ISO 250, 500mm, Nikon D7100, Nikkor 200-500mm f5.6E VR. Date- March 13, 2016. Location- Cheruvally, Kerala.

The above photo is from my home yard. It is not very common here. But sometimes makes a visit. I found this along with sunbirds. In fact, I first thought it was a female Purple-rumped Sunbird.

About Nilgiri Flowerpecker (Dicaeum concolor)

These small birds are almost the same size as that of the sunbirds. Also they are slightly bigger than the Pale-billed Flowerpecker. Feed mainly on flowers with nectar.

The bills are slightly curved and dark in color. The eyes and the legs are also black. The wings and tail are darker colored, with the tail a little flat in shape. Whereas Thick-billed Flowerpecker (Dicaeum agile) has red eyes. Moreover the latter has stripes on the belly and chest region. In the case of D.erythrorynchos, the bills pale red colored. These are also some ways to distinguish these small birds.

Family: Dicaeidae (the family of flowerpeckers).