Sri Lanka Frogmouth

Sri Lanka Frogmouth also known as Ceylon Frogmouth is a bird from the Podargidae family (frogmouths).These are usually found in forests only, mainly the Western Ghats of Kerala. Since it is nocturnal, and due to the efficient camouflaging, it is too difficult to spot it. They rest idle on top of tree branches during the day time.

Sri Lanka Frogmouth

Sri Lanka Frogmouth clicked from Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala. The same bird above and below.

Sri Lanka Frogmouth or Ceylon Frogmouth - Periyar

Even after our guide pointed at the bird, I could not get where it was, for sometime. That is its camouflage. We were just about 10 feet from it. And it was not at all cared about our presence. So could spent a few minutes near it.

I trying to spot this one from other places also, like Thattekad. Hope I can find it sooner or later. And if then, I will update this entry with more photos.

Family: Podargidae

Species: Batrachostomus moniliger

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