Pied Bushchat – Saxicola caprata

Pied Bushchat is a bird from the Muscicapidae family (flycatchers), and is common and widely distributed. Here are some pictures of the bird…

Pied Bushchat - Saxicola caprata


Pied Bush Chat Male - Saxicola Caprata

Pied Bush Chat (male) clicked from Vagamon, Kerala

Pied Bush Chat Female - Saxicola caprata

Female, clicked from Vagamon, Kerala

The bird is usually found in areas with grasslands and bushes. They feed on insects from the ground. As in the above pictures, they often rest on low branches of plants, looking for insects on the ground.

The male is black in color with white line on the sides. And the female have a brown / soil colored.

Species: Saxicola caprata.

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  1. I saw one of these, a male, through a bus window on a sightseeing trip in Cyprus in the 70s. But could not understand why there were no pictures nor any references to them in any books that I had, which covered that area. It was only many years later, that I saw a picture of one, and a short description, which also stated that they were an Asian species, only recorded as a vagrant to Cyprus. So I was extremely lucky to spot that bird, but have no idea if that was the first one recorded there, or how many may have occurred since.

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