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This section is a collection of wildlife species I photograph, ranging from insects to mammals, organized accordingly. Each article contains the photos of the corresponding species from different places, stories behind the photos, and related information.

White-bellied Blue Robin - Myiomela albiventris - from Pampadumshola

White-bellied Blue Robin

White-bellied Blue Robin is a primarily blue colored bird found in a few places in the Sahyadri (Western Ghats). Here is a photo of the bird I have seen from Pampadum Shola National Park. So far, I have seen this…

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Peninsular Rock Agama

Rock Agamas of Chinnar

Rock Agama is a beautiful reptile from the Agamidae family of lizards. The first time I got a good picture of it was from Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. These are common in the sanctuary, which has a lot of rocky habitats.…

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Blue Tiger Butterfly - Tirumala limniace

Blue Tiger – Tirumala limniace

Blue Tiger Butterfly or Tirumala limniace is a large and beautiful species from the milkweed subfamily of Nymphalids. These are found along with other ‘tiger’ butterflies; sometimes on the same roost. Photos and details I have collected about Tirumala limniace are…

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