Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro with D3300 – Sample Video 1


This is a sample nature video using the Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G lens mounted on the entry level D3300 body. The lens is great for shooting close up videos with a creative touch. The bokeh produced is excellent, which is perfect for focus shifting technique. The butterfly shown in the video is a Tiny Grass Blue, one of the smallest butterflies.


4 minutes, 3 seconds

1 thought on “Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro with D3300 – Sample Video 1”

  1. Dear Abhinav,

    Your ability to pick colors from the nature is magnificent…..!! your blog is just simple and very colorful….!!!


    -Ammu Sankar
    Abu Dhabi

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